Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nancy Kerrigan Barbie That Never Was

Nancy Kerrigan's deal with Disney was just
one of her many endorsements in 1994.

Back in early 1994 Nancy Kerrigan was raking in endorsements following her inspiring performances at the Lillehammer Olympics. Kerrigan even inked a deal with Mattel, Inc. for a line of Barbie Dolls in her name that were set to hit toy shelves in fall of 1994. After Kerrigan experienced a number of pr blunders, Mattel nixed the deal and the Kerrigan Barbies were never produced - sort of. Mattel had gotten so far as making a mold of Kerrigan for the dolls before shelving the idea. So what did they do with the mold? They used it for their Esmeralda Barbie (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame film) seen below. So in a convoluted way, Kerrigan did end up as a Barbie doll after all.

Esmeralda Kerrigan

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