Friday, January 21, 2011

Rachael Flatt calls new East of Eden short program, "my best program yet."

Rick Bowmer/Associated Press's latest article, Flatt scrapping jazzy short for Greensboro,
contains many pre- Nationals' comments from US Champ Rachael Flatt and her coach, Tom Zakrajsek.


On Rachael's physical state:

"I've made a fully recovery." - Rachael Flatt

"She has been pain-free for a while and is extremely well prepared." - Tom Zakrajsek

"I'm training incredibly well heading into nationals." - Rachael Flatt

On choosing East of Eden music for her new short program:

"We wanted something more mature, more refined and elegant." - Tom Zakrajsek

"Lori came up with a phenomenal program." - Rachael Flatt

"I think it's my best program yet. I can't wait to debut it at nationals; I hope it blows everyone away." - Rachael Flatt

On using music so closely associated with Michelle Kwan:

"Certainly we are aware Michelle skated to the music. It was an amazing performance under the 6.0 system. I trust Lori's instincts; she suggested the music, and she choreographed it for the International Judging System [IJS], so it's a very different program under a very different system." - Tom Zakrajsek

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