Friday, January 14, 2011

US Nationals Preview And 2011's Best Program Belongs To...

I didn't understand Alissa Czisny's national victory a few years back and have always felt that her presentation scores were too high.

Not this season. I find her free skate, Selections from Winter and Spring, absolutely breathtaking. For me, its ethereal beauty ranks up there with recent gorgeous programs from this century like: Sasha Cohen's Baroque Selections, Michelle Kwan's East of Eden exhibition, Angela Nikodinov's Sleeping Beauty, Vanessa Gusmeroli's Legends of the Fall and Mao Asada's Nocturne short program from several years back. In other words, a special program, like Alissa's comes along very rarely.

I am convinced that no woman this season has a more captivating program, long or short. Yes, that's a bold statement to make considering Olympic champ Yuna Kim has yet to show her programs.

Does anyone know if Brian Boitano still mentors Alissa? I haven't heard anything pertaining to his involvement with her this season. Enjoy the video. I always do.

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Tara said...

Agreed! Alissa's LP this season is as captivating the 30th time as it was the 1st. Such brilliant choreography, combined with impeccable musicality...the emotional impact is flawless. If she skates this program without error, it could be one of my favorite programs of all time!